Silly Ad for my hair/shawl pins

Aren’t you hot? Wouldn’t you like to get that hair off your neck? Looking for a way to anchor that braid, put up those locks?  Looking for something more decorative than those tired hair elastics and ugly plastic clips? You have beautiful hair.  You can do better than those plain wooden chopsticks from last night’s Chinese takeout.


Did you forget to make button holes for that sweater you just knit? Is it windy?  Do you wish you had a pin to stop that kilt from flapping in the breeze? How about that shawl? is it too bulky to tie, does it slip off your shoulders? Maybe you need a pin to hold everything together! 


So, take that pen out of your hair, and try a handmade hair pin! 

Use it in your hair, or just stick it in your shawl or sweater.