Pendants from my woven silver collection

BialoPadinDesigns specializes in handmade jewelry, including fold-formed bracelets, hair/shawl pins, filigree. 

This web site is a portfolio of my work. Commissions are welcome. They can be based upon my work, or we can create something new, together.

This website is under construction. My most recent work can viewed on IG: @bialopadindesigns and on Facebook,

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My work is inspired by nature, textiles, the fluidity of metal, and memories of my family. As a kid, I collected rocks; now the shapes, color and patterns of the gemstones I collect inspire my designs. As a metalsmith, I love the process of heating metal and feeling the metal move beneath my hammer. Or a piece may represent my solution to a problem. Because I wanted to get my hair out of my face while soldering, and needed something to fasten the sweaters and lace shawls I knit, I started making hair sticks and shawl pins, using scrap metal from my studio. 

My grandmother was a teacher and a theatrical costume designer. I spent hours draping and pinning fabric in her apartment, and poured through her collection of books on art and historical fashion. My mother obtained a degree in mechanical engineering. She collected tools and made most of the repairs around the house. She also made all of our clothing when we were kids.  All of the women in our family love and collect jewelry.  My father, who was an electrical engineer, had an eye for unusual jewelry, and would buy us gifts of jewelry. I absorbed their aesthetics and their appreciation for color, texture and shape, and I think their influence is reflected in my jewelry.

I use some of the fabric my mother and grandmother collected in my display. I use my parent’s tools in my studio. My logo incorporates Morse code, in honor of my father, who was in the U.S. Army Signal Corps during WWII.  With these memories, it really is no wonder that I am drawn to metalworking, stone-setting, and the problem-solving associated with designing and creating hand-fabricated jewelry. 

Feel free to ask me about how my work is made!