Pendants from my woven silver collection

BialoPadinDesigns specializes in handmade jewelry, including fold-formed bracelets, hair/shawl pins, filigree. 

This web site is a portfolio of my work. Commissions are welcome. They can be based upon my work, or we can create something new, together.

This website is under construction. I can be contacted by e-mail (, or on Facebook (Bialopadindesigns).

Items currently for sale are listed on Etsy:

My pieces are inspired by nature, textures, textiles, the fluidity of metal, and memories of my family. I have always collected stones. As a kid, I brought buckets of stones home from construction sites. I'd wash them in the basement sink, and imagine how they'd look polished and hanging from a chain around my neck. My sisters and I spent hours going through the contents of my mother's jewelry chest. We'd haunt pawnshops in search of treasures. Whenever my father went on trips he brought home pieces of jewelry for each of us. My grandmother was a costume designer, and I happily spent hours draping fabric in her apartment. With these memories, it really is no wonder that I was drawn to metalworking and stone-setting. Now, when stones talk to me, I have the skills to create unique settings for them. I love the process of heating metal and then feeling the metal move beneath my hammer.  Because I knit and  crochet, I started making shawl and hair pins from scrap metal in my studio, in order to secure the sweaters and shawls I create.